Landshark Lager

I saw this on the store shelf last summer for the first time. I immediately passed judgement on it and dismissed it for the following reasons: Good beer never comes in clear glass bottles because light destabilizes the aromatics in good beer. Good lagers can’t come from hot places, they come from cold places, like Germany. Anything with the Margaritaville name on it is going to be overpriced and lack substance, just like a Buffett concert.

You might be thinking, “Hey! I like Jimmy Buffett!”

Oh, so do I—in small doses. But certainly not if the entry price is a smooth $100 a head. I have to be having a lot of fun if I am going to fork over a benjamin just to walk in the door. Fun. I’m talking real fun. Free drinks and joints, and a free t-shirt. Maybe bikini babes, too, for a hundred bucks. I mean, seriously. What are we here for?

But then my buddy came home from Iraq and insisted that before we fired up the grill, we had to find this beer. So we headed down the street to the local Binny’s and he grabbed a sixer of this stuff. He was paying, so I figured, I wasn’t going to be out anything if it was terrible.

And the surprising thing is, it really wasn’t bad. It was like what Corona would be if it didn’t skunk when the fridge light shone on it. And it was refreshing, very complimentary with the mango-habanero burgers my buddy had grilled up.

So why am I talking about something that happened a year ago? Without that day, today wouldn’t have happened the way it did.

Today was about 80 degrees here, and it’s the first really nice day in May. So of course, I scrapped our plan for fettucini alfredo and picked up a bunch of brats to grill. And they were decent brats, but again, not the point of this story. To wash the brats down, I grabbed a sixer of Landshark Lager.

You know what? I can honestly say this beer is better than it was the first time I had it. Fresher, for one. The guy at our store told me the shipment had just arrived, but also, it has a fuller flavor, with hearty malt high notes and just the right level of bitter hops to clip off the end. Completely void of any off (skunk) flavors, it is very refreshing and drinkable. These flavors would go well with any sort of grilled sandwich, including the habanero burgers or the brats, but also with grilled seafood. In fact, I think it would probably go better with the seafood, but on a hot day, if the beer is cold and refreshing, I don’t think many will argue about what’s on the grill.

As a beer snob, is Landshark “good”? This question is too subjective. It’s not good like good beer from craft breweries around the world, no. It’s not good in that sense. It’s not good like the macrobrew helles you’ll find in Bavaria. But sometimes what you want isn’t especially good. That area is where Landshark fits perfectly. Lots of beers are more ‘good’, but not too many are ‘better’ on certain days. Just like Buffett.

Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…


One Response to “Landshark Lager”

  1. I love landshark!
    Even better- a LOADED LANDSHARK where you fill the neck with tequilla. YUM.

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