There It Goes

I could’ve sworn I added a post between September 2010 and March of 2011.  But it isn’t there.  The only thing in the empty space between today and back then, is a HUGE gap in time.  Way longer than I wanted it to be.

But I started my new job, the Holidays came, the weather turned arctic, and I lost a lot of time along the way.

My blogging mentor is going through some tough times, too.  That doesn’t help anything.

Right before the Holidays last year, I stepped on the scale and was shocked by the numbers.  They were way too high.  So I decided I needed to get that number down, and I haphazardly decided to go on a diet.  Except, I really had no plan.  No way to measure what I was doing, no discipline in the eating, no method to the madness.  I decided I’d just “eat less.”  And, surprisingly, that worked.  I cut like 15 pounds by eating smaller servings, but at some point along the way, my progress came to a halt.  I floated between 10 and 15 pounds under my pre-holiday weight.

Two weeks ago, I was talking with my brother and he recommended My Fitness Pal, a combo App/website for the health-minded.  I downloaded the App and started tracking my intake vs my input-based recommendations and I saw some interesting things.  Without getting into great detail, the premise for the program is a way to track your activities and your food intake and allow you to adjust both to achieve a goal.  The App is easy to use and the database for foods is shockingly comprehensive.  Your favorite Panera sandwich?  Check.  Chicago style Hot Dog from Portillo’s?  Check.  Basmati rice?  Check.  Beck’s beer and Doritos?  Check and check.  Seriously, it’s all in there.  And, you can even enter your own recipes and it saves them for future use.  It adds and divides all the pertinent nutritional info and gives you a good snapshot of what you are eating, meal to meal, day to day, and week to week.

I’m weighing in weekly every Wednesday and as of last week, I was down 6 pounds from where I started.  So there it goes.  Time goes fast, and so does the weight, once you find a plan that works for you.


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