Merry Christmas!

“Keep the change, you filthy animal.” – Home Alone, 1992


This one is not about food, except that I work in the industry and the subject of this post also works in the industry.

Winston, you are a lying, forked-tongue devil.  You’d steal from your own mother if you thought it’d get you ahead.  You are a coward.  A sneaking, stinking, coward.  I’d be angry about your shifty, low down tactics except for one thing: I know you’re going to die how you live.  I regret that I probably won’t be the last person you see before that happens.

Marc, you’re a thief.  You take advantage of people, both your customers and the people who work for you.  You’re a career criminal.  You stole from me, from my wife, and from my children.  That 885 dollars you had to STEAL from me, that was my holiday.  I never forget people who wrong me, and you’re #1 on my list.

They say when you leave a job, you should take care not to burn bridges.  As a rule, I think that is generally good advice.  But the unique thing about bridges is that they go two ways.  Oh, sure, I don’t want to upset my opportunities in the future, but what about employers?  They should be equally concerned about the damage they do to the people who work for them, because in a small company in a small industry, your reputation is everything.  Rest assured, both of you, that I will never extend a friendly hand toward either of you.  You’re worse than scum, and I won’t have my good name sullied by your corruption.

Here’s to 2012, and I’m not sad to see the end of 2011.  I’ll make sure I’m getting the last laugh.


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