My name is Frank and I’ve worked in food product research and development for over five years.  I’ve had the good fortune of being able to work in nearly every segment of the industry and I’ve learned a lot about the food business.  I have a young family and a lot of normal problems.  Some not so normal.  But hopefully, the solutions to these problems and this information is useful to someone besides me.

My goal for this blog (this is by no means a carved-in-stone Mission Statement) is to provide useful, practical information about food, ingredients, cooking, and equipment.  If I do everything right, this will be a smart, fun, and sometimes snarky commentary about food and America.  Maybe I’ll go off topic once in a while, too.  Should be fun for everyone.

If you have questions or comments, send them to outtathefryingpan at gmail dot com.

All the content and photos here have been written and shot by me unless I say otherwise, and the header artwork was rendered by a fantastic artist who wants to remain anonymous for a little while longer.


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